Genetic Algorithm Simulation - Eaters

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World Design

Target Population:
Eaters are born:

Mutation Probability:
Crossover Probability:
Number of Plants:
Plants grow:
When a plant is eaten:

Fitness score is:

Brief Explanation

The red triangles are Eaters, which eat the plants (the green square). A generation typically lasts for 365 "days," after which a new generation of eaters is created by "breeding" the previous generation. As generation follows generation, the Eaters might evolve to become better eaters. Try putting things into fast forward by setting the Run Speed to "Yearly Stats Only."

After the average fitness score stabilises, reduce the speed to 'fast', 'moderate' or 'slow' and see how the Eaters' behavior has changed. Use the "World Design" menus to give the eaters different environments, and see how the environment affects the behaviors that they evolve.


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