Near Field Communication with Browser

Web NFC Demo Page

This is a Demo page for Web NFC functionalities.

How to use WebNFC read function in this test page:

  1. You must ensure that your android device supports NFC.
  2. Next, you need to use the Chrome browser app*.
  3. Direct to "chrome://flags".
  4. Search for WebNFC and enable it.
  5. Relaunch chrome.
  6. Now, direct to this page, and click/press the button "NFC Read" to activate the NFC read function.
  7. Place an NFC tag behind your phones or any other device, your phones should now be able to read the NFC tag.

*Some android devices do not grant permission for reading NFC function in Chrome. In that case, you might need to get the Chrome Beta app from google play store to use the WebNFC.

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