O-Level/IGCSE/SPM Physics Exercise

O-Level/IGCSE/SPM equivalent Physics Exercise

1.) If the resistance of a specific circuit is given by the equation R=V/I,
which of the followings is not the unit for resistance?

2.) Figure below shows the main scale and the vernier scale of a vernier caliper.

What is the length of S?


Which of the following comparisons between distance traveled by car A, sA,
and distance traveled by car B, sB is correct?


Figure above shows six identical springs arranged in three levels. A load of 500g is hung on the arrangement.
Neglect the weight of the springs, which of the following statements is correct?


What is the pressure due to water(density 1000kg/m3) at Q in the container that shown above?


Figure above shows a vessel with a closed end at the bottom of air B.
According to the figure, which of the following statements is correct?

7.) Water has a high specific heat capacity. Therefore water is

8.)A 58kg ice skater moving at 6.8ms-1 glides to a stop.
By assuming that the ice is at 0C and that 50% of the heat generated by friction is absorbed by the ice,
how much ice is melted?(The specific latent heat of fusion of ice is 336000Jkg-1)


Figure above shows a light beam emitted from P reflected by a plane mirror to reach Q.
Determine h.

10.) Figure below shows a fish swimming in an aquarium. It takes 3 seconds to swim from P to Q.

What is the apparent speed of the fish as seen by the observer?
(The refractive index of water is 1.33, and the thickness of the glass wall is negligible.)

11.) In diffraction, the ______________ of a wave after passing through the slits becomes smaller.

12.) Which of the followings are not electromagnetic waves?


Above is a V against I graph of a battery.
Determine the electromotive force of the battery.


Diagram above shows four resistors with different resistance connected in parallel.
Which of the followings is correct?

15.) Diagram below shows the direction of the force acting on a
current carrying conductor which is placed between two magnets.

Which of the followings shows the correct magnetic field pattern?

16.) A 12V bulb lights up with normal brightness when it is connected to a 240V
main supply through a transformer which has 600 turns in its primary coil.
What is the number of turns in its secondary coil?

17.) Which statement is correct about p-type semiconductor?

18.) Diagram below shows a logic gate circuit. Signal P and signal Q are supplied to the input.

Which of the followings is the correct output signal?

19.) 87.5% of Iodine-131 atoms have decayed after 24 days. What is the half-life of iodine-131?

20.) A fusion is represented by the following equation:

Calculate the energy released in joules.
[Given that ]

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